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Zorroc, Supreme Leader of Gattonia, must find a way to save his planet from extinction and defeat the monster race that laid a smart virus into Gattonia’s atmosphere, killing or rendering infertile many of its females. His first step? Procure females from Earth, a compatible species, and bring them back to his planet for breeding. One in particular is essential to his plan, for she would be his…

Legends, folklore, and science fiction all have a basis or thread of truth as far as Catarina Achilles is concerned. Until one evening, reality and fantasy merge to form a cat man, whom she initially believes is a pooka. Before realizing her blunder and divining his intentions, he steals her away to a world of deceit, betrayal…and fevered desire.

When intergalactic cultures collide and passions flare, can anything or anyone survive the cataclysm? Two people from two worlds learn the answer—Destiny will not be denied.

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 FIVE STARS “Whoa, what a ride: intense passion, action-packed sci-fi adventure, explosive plot…and did I mention hot tantalizing chemistry…This reader is applauding Lil Gibson.” Fallen Angel Reviews

 “ZORROC is a demanding ‘can’t put down’ read…with plenty of action, secrets and deception around every corner…and some very good sex scenes…ZORROC is a keeper.” Romance Reviews Today


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His View:
Sherem, Prince of Nefar, from the planet of Ganz leads the greatest race of mercenaries in the galaxy. Unconquerable in battle and sought after for his prowess under the sheets, he had all that he desired with the exception of one recalcitrant female—Nadia, the Princess of Gattonia, whom he’d pursued for his mate since first sighting. Finally, she’d come to him…at the wrong moment. For while he longed to have her where he wanted her, assassins were using him for target practice…and she’d come bursting into his private chambers to beg his help while his Pleasurer had been, well, pleasuring him.

Her Assessment:
Nadia knew her brother and family were missing and in danger but the Gattonian High Council refused to take the word of an “over-reactive female who’d managed to circumvent every intergalactic communications law ever put into practice.” So she turned to Sherem; a hot, okay really hot, warrior— only she found him, well, busy…

The Truth:
An adventure not to be missed.

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TOP PICK! “An outstanding book…not to mention a hero who is worth a crawl over broken glass…” RT BOOK reviews

Perfect Ten!
“SHEREM enthralls you…Gibson has a talent for infusing her science fiction tales with things that are familiar, allowing the reader to easily relate to the story. Lil Gibson is at the top of her game. Rich, vibrant characters, tight plotting, and some serious heat make SHEREM a must read and a Perfect 10! Romance Reviews Today


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Something or someone is siphoning off energy from space vessels in the Milky Way and beyond. Several ships, too slow to understand the danger, now floated helplessly in space losing all on board. Rosik, Commander of the Miramid, from the Province of Gattonia located on Ganz has been sent to identify the source of the power drain and destroy it before it creates a tear in the fabric of the universe.

Former model and child star, Cherry Dare, studied hard for her degree in space engineering and was thrilled to be chosen to work on a space station developing Project UMPH. Finally she would be taken seriously for her brain instead of…other charms. When completed UMPH was designed to protect Earth and save it from all threats present and future. But things are not as they seem—enveloping Cherry and Rosik in a ballistic web of treachery, deceit, death…and a pheromone collision leading to all consuming love.

**** FOUR STARS RT Book Reviews
"An exciting and action-packed story that goes from one cliffhanger to another. Great characters make this a very entertaining tale with some nicely done humor and a true, space-faring science fiction adventure."

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“Kudos to Lil for creating such a fine universe…A+ job…” Ecataromance.com


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