In The Dark
What happens when the man Tanya conjured from her imagination--the star of every one of her erotic fantasies--crashes a company function hosted by her fiance's parents and demands she leave the planet with him? Sparks fly...
ISSN#1555-5496 Vol. 107-19ED.

Desiree Does Deliver
Desiree accepts that her body type shouts burlesque, squashing her dreams of becoming a ballerina, but does she have to fall for a gay guy, as well?

Clint just winks...

Five Stars!
Fantastic book that had me wishing it were much longer! It's always a challenge to develop the storyline and create attractive characters in a novella but Lil Gibson has done it beautifully. Euro-Reviews
In The Dark now available in paper and e-book.

Elicean of Sumer came from the darkness of Middle Earth while Sarkinda basked on the sun-kissed surface. He rescued her from gluttonous fanatics sent to destroy the last vestiges of the cliff dwellers…and brought her to his home. From different worlds and hidden backgrounds, he fought his own people to protect her—resurrecting the Order of the Mist. But would his actions save her or place her in even graver danger?

Surrounded by the demons that moments ago had devoured her family, Sarkinda believed that the mist suddenly enfolding her to be a dying vision. When she awoke to the scrutiny of a half-human giant with iridescent copper eyes—well—she didn’t know what to believe. For though she feared the enigmatic stranger, she also recognized him from her visions—as the guardian of her heart…and Soul Protector.

Mad, bad, betrayed and banished said it all for the warrior named Bane, former member of the Order of the Mist, said to be the most powerful beings on Earth. So when evil incarnate invades Bane’s city of Tampa, FL, potential allies willing to aide him in battle trickle down to one female anthropology geek with the fashion sense of a bag lady and a tongue sharp as any stiletto. Can the two alone defeat the coming army of immortal berserkers? Did he mention that she also has an ancestry rife with sooth sayers, spirit guides and witches powerful enough to command the forces of nature? But as powerful as they are alone, together they are explosive…in every way.

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